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Contrarolling blind
Our Smartblinds roller blinds unroll on the side of the glass. For optimal use of our Smartblinds it is therefore not possible to order a contra-rolling roller blind. At Smartblinds you cannot specify in the configurator that a blind should unroll at the front or rear (contra-rolling). Our production makes everything roll-down at the back; this cannot be deviated from.


Side rails
Our Smartblinds could be suitable for bottom hung open in windows, however, the blind will always remain slightly away from the window because of the bottom bar. The blind cannot be fitted tightly against the window.

Side guides are not used on Smartblinds (and are therefore not supplied). Although this is possible in principle, we do not recommend it for optimal use of our Smartblinds. However, this decision is of course up to you. Should you decide to use side guides yourself, you can always look for side guides at a local hardware store, which you can then install yourself. Do take the depth of the bottom rail into account.

Skylight or tilt-up window
Our Smartblinds are used for vertical use and not for horizontal use. So our Smartblinds are not suitable for roof windows.

Our Smartblinds could be suitable for bottom hung open in windows, however, when opening the window the blind will always remain slightly away from the window because of the bottom bar. So the blind cannot be mounted tightly against the window.

Small or large system
The choice of a small or large system will be limited to 1 choice from certain dimensions onward. This is because larger sizes will require a larger system. This is due to the optimization of the fabric. The dimensions below show which belong to a large or small system:

< 1,70m wide and <1,75m high = small system

> 1,70m wide or <1,75m high = large system

System colour in RAL code
Our systems have different RAL codes. This allows you to know exactly whether it is the same colour as on your wall, for example. In fact, it can be difficult to estimate what our system colours look like in reality. We have therefore mapped out the RAL colours of our systems for clarification purposes:

White system = RAL 9003 
Grey system = RAL 7004 
Anthracite system = RAL 7016 
Black system = RAL 9011

Screws are not included with any order. This is because every surface the customer wants to drill on is different. So we cannot supply 1 same type of screw and/or plug for every order.

We can recommend the following screws for different substrates:

- A 4x40 screw + plug 6 for a stone surface

- A 4x40 screw + dowel 6 for concrete surfaces

- A 4x40 screw or 4x25 screw (in a wooden subsoil a shorter screw can also be used). A dowel is not necessary in wooden subsoil.



Additional parts hanging brackets
The additional, gray parts included with an order are for additional support behind the suspension brackets. These parts are commonly used with a manual system. The parts provide additional strength and possibly soundproofing as well.



The part is not required to be used during assembly. You can use it (so) during wall mounting to add extra security to your Smartblinds.

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