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Motor fixed to power
The motors of our Smartblinds have a battery management system (BMS). This means that the charging and discharging of the rechargeable battery is monitored and controlled by the BMS. Thus, the BMS stops charging the Smartblinds motor as soon as it is fully charged. 

In principle, there is no harm in putting our Smartblinds motor on a constant power supply. It is just not conducive to battery capacity. If the motor is continuously on power, the battery will no longer work optimally when it goes off power. 

With normal use, our motors only need to be charged once or twice a year. We supply an extra-long USB-C cable more with every order, which makes charging well possible.

No response motor
Are your Smartblinds not responding? If so, it could be due to the following factors:
- The motor's battery is flat > Charge the motor (see motor manual)
- RF failure > Make sure the engine's bridge/antenna is away from metal objects.
- The distance between the bridge and the motor is too long > Position the bridge closer to the blind.
- The bridge is off > Turn on the bridge.

Connectivity issues motor
Are you experiencing connectivity issues with the engine? There could be several reasons why the engine is not working optimally. Using the steps below, the problem can possibly be solved. 

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1. Make sure Eve MotionBlinds is On
Activate the motor by plugging in a powered USB-C cable. Then, pull once shortly to make sure the motor is responding.

2. Make sure Bluetooth is turned On
Go to the iPhone or iPad's settings and activate Bluetooth.

3. Turn Eve MotionBlinds Off, wait, turn back On
Put the motor in transport mode. Wait 15 seconds and turn the motor back on by de-activating transport mode.


Rood lampje: de motor staat uit, er is geen verbinding.  
Groen lampje + rood lampje moeten zien: de motor is aan, er is verbinding. 

4. Reboot the iPhone or iPad
Sometimes the iPhone or iPad that is using the Home app is causing the issue. Simply turn the iPhone or iPad off, wait a few seconds, and then turn the iPhone or iPad back on.

5. Update your IOS software

6. Make sure the iPhone or iPad is connected to the Internet
You need to make sure the iPhone or iPad is connected to the Internet, and on the same Wi-Fi network as the HomeKit devices. You can make sure that the Wi-Fi network is working by checking the Internet connection from multiple devices. If there is no Wi-Fi network, it may be necessary to reboot the router.

7. Make sure the iPhone or iPad is signed into iCloud
Make sure the iPhone or iPad is signed into iCloud. HomeKit and the Home app require iCloud to function.

8. Remove Eve MotionBlinds from the Home App, then re-add it
Removing Eve MotionBlinds from the Home app and re-adding it can help to resolve connectivity issues. Before re-adding Eve MotionBlinds to the Home app, make sure to  reset the connection (note: all settings and automations will be deleted).


9: Reset the blind
Should all of this not work, you can still try doing a full reset of the blind. After resetting the blind, you can add the blind to the Apple Home app again. Important to know is that you do have to reset your start and end position after resetting your blind. This is because these will also have been removed.


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