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System measurements
The system with our blinds has the same colour as the wood colour you choose. So while putting together your Smartblinds, simply choose the colour that suits your needs. Also consider the parcel height, more information on parcel height can be found below.

The system is 7 centimeter deep and 6,10 centimeter high.

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Package height

When measuring the height of your window, it is important to take into account the package height.

Do you want to mount your Smartblinds in the window?
Give us the exact size of your window and we will make sure the blind fits exactly in between. Also take into account the package height (see table below) in connection with possible obstacles such as turning and tilting windows and inward-swinging doors.

Do you want to mount your Smartblinds on the window?
Then measure the width and height of the window, with a small overlap. To determine the height, add your desired overlap at the top and/or bottom to the height of your window.

So not only do you need to take into account the height of the system, it is also important to consider the package height. Pay particular attention to this for turn and tilt windows and inward-swinging doors. It is important that you have enough space to install the system, but also that the package itself does not hang in the way.


Minimum and maximum measurements
The minimum height for our venetian blinds is 50 centimetres.
The maximum height is 280 centimetres.
The minimum width for our blinds is 85 centimetres.
The maximum width is 240 centimetres.


Ceiling mounting
Our systems work universally for wall/wall mounting or ceiling mounting. You therefore do not need to inform us, and there is no price difference. The assembly instructions have clear descriptions for both options.


Reset pleated blinds
It may happen that you need to reset your blind once due to a problem, malfunction or error. This can be done in two ways. Hold the programming button for 10 seconds to remove the connection between the blind and the app. The LED will light up 5 times and the blind will go up and down 1 time to give an indication of resetting the connection.
In addition, it is also possible to reset the entire blind. This results in the removal of the start and end positions and any connectivity with an app or accessory. Briefly press the programming button to activate the programming mode. The blind will start stepping up and down. Then hold the reset/programming button for at least 20 seconds to reset the blind completely. The blind will stop stepping after 2 times. After the second step, the blind will make one more step to indicate that it has been reset.

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