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System dimensions
With our (day and night) roller blinds, you have a choice of two different systems: the bracket system and the cassette system. Choose the system that suits your needs when configuring your Smartblinds.

Dimensions bracket system small

Zijsteun.             Zijsteun


Dimensions bracket system large

Zijsteun              Zijsteun


Dimensions cassette system small

Cassette klein afmetingen roller links.jpg                   Cassette       

Dimensions cassette system large

Cassette                Cassette

Fabric to system distance
The distance from the end cap of the small system to the fabric, is 12 millimetres for the non-motor side and 18 millimetres for the motor side. For our large systems, it is 12 millimetres for the non-motor side and 24 millimetres for the motor side.


Minimum and maximum dimensions
The minimum height for our roller blinds is 30 centimetres.

The maximum height is 350 centimetres.
The minimum width for our roller blinds is 66 centimetres.
The maximum width is 250 centimetres.

Manual: https://www.smartblinds.nl/media/pdf/EN1223Inmeethandleiding_rolgordijnen_ENG.pdf  

Video: https://youtu.be/-LJXa_B2lAA



Cassette system

Manual: https://www.smartblinds.com/media/pdf/MN210079_20210915_EN.pdf 

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dvLblCV8YY 

Bracket system

Manual: https://www.smartblinds.com/media/pdf/MN210080_20210914_EN.pdf 

Video: https://youtu.be/tkN0gmCzK34


Ceiling mounting
Our systems work universally for wall/wall mounting or ceiling mounting. You therefore do not need to inform us, and there is no price difference. The assembly instructions have clear descriptions for both options.


Large or small system
The choice of a small or large system will be limited to one choice from certain sizes onwards. This is because larger sizes will require a larger system. This is due to the optimisation of the fabric. The dimensions below show which belong to a large or small system:

< 1.70m wide and <1.75m high = small system

> 1.70m wide or <1.75m high = large system

Setting the end positions
Besides setting the end positions via the app, you can also set the end positions by pressing the button on the motor. Pull the chain and hold it until the blind reaches the end position. If the blind moves in the opposite direction, release the chain and pull again. Move your Smartblind to the desired end position in this way. When the blind is at the end position, press and hold the button until the blind moves up and down to keep the end position.


Setting the begin positions
Pull the chain and hold it until the blind reaches the upper position. When the blind moves in the opposite direction, release the chain and pull again. Move your Smartblind to the desired starting position in this way. When your Smartblind is at the desired starting position, hold down the button so that the blind moves up and down to keep your starting position.



Adjusting start or end position
To adjust a start or end position, move the Smartblind to the position you want to adjust. Pull the cord and wait for the blind to reach the start or end position. Then press and hold the programming button for 3 seconds to remove the set start position or end position. The blind will go up and down once to confirm that the position has been deleted. You can now set a new start or end position.


Reset (day and night) blinds
It may happen that you need to reset your blind once due to a problem, malfunction or error. This can be done in two ways. First of all, you can reset the connection with your blind and the app. You do this by pressing and holding programming button for 10 seconds. The LED light will flash 5 times and the blind will go up and down 1 time. The connection to your blind has been reset. Now you can reconnect the blind.

If this does not produce the desired results, you can reset the entire blind. You do this by first pressing the programming button once briefly, and then pressing it for at least 20 seconds. The blind will stop stepping 2 times. After the second stop the blind will make an extra step. When this is finished your blind is reset.



Pairing remote control
In some cases, besides the endless smart home control options, it can also be convenient to control your Smartblinds with a remote control. This is possible with the MotionBlinds remote control.

Select a channel on the remote control and press the programme button on the motor to activate programme mode. Your Smartblind will then start moving up and down. Then press the pair button on the back of the remote control to pair the blind to the selected channel. Once this pairing is established, your Smartblind stops moving for a moment. Now briefly press the programme button to switch off programme mode again. Your blind stops moving back and forth and can from now on be controlled with the remote control.


Change the rotation direction
If the position of your Smartblind in the app is the opposite of reality, change the direction of rotation by pressing the programming button twice within one second.



Power and connectivity
Our (day and night) roller blinds are powered by wireless Eve MotionBlinds motors. You simply charge the battery of these motors via an included USB-C cable, which means no fixed power supply needs to be installed. In addition, our blinds easily with the best-known smart home platforms, opening up a world of control options opens up!

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