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Installing your Smartblinds is very simple! Check out our installation manuals below. Would you like some extra help? Schedule a free consultation with one of our advisers or ask your questions in the chat!


Roller blinds & Duo blinds

Cassette system
Manual: https://www.smartblinds.com/media/pdf/MN210079_20210915_EN.pdf 
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dvLblCV8YY 

Bracket system
Manual: https://www.smartblinds.com/media/pdf/MN210080_20210914_EN.pdf 
Video: https://youtu.be/tkN0gmCzK34

Honeycomb blinds
Manual Top Down system: https://www.smartblinds.com/media/installation/MN220045_20221014_EN.pdf 

Manual Top Down Bottom Up system: https://www.smartblinds.com/media/installation/MN220046_20221014_EN.pdf 

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZFZlAD7hDI 


Electric curtain rails
Manual: https://www.smartblinds.com/media/installation/MN220044_20221017_EN.pdf 


Mounting on the ceiling
Our systems work universally for wall/wall mounting or ceiling mounting. You therefore do not need to inform us, and there is no price difference. The assembly instructions have clear descriptions for both options.


Tilting windows and/or skylights
Smartblinds are suitable for vertical use and not for horizontal use. This means that Smartblinds are not suitable for skylights. Would you like to use Smartblinds on a tilt and turn window? Then make sure the product is hung far enough away from the window so that tilting the window is still possible.

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