Motionblinds 5-channel remote control

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Would you also like to be able to operate your Smartblinds with a remote control? Then add the 5-channel remote control to your order. Very handy for smartphone-less people in the house, when your own phone is not around for a while or if you have trouble accessing the pull functionality of your products!
(Day and night) roller blinds

How do I pair the MotionBlinds 5-channel remote control?
In some cases, besides the endless smart home control options, it can also be convenient to control your Smartblinds with a remote control. This is possible with the MotionBlinds remote control?

Select a channel on the remote control and press the programme button on the motor to activate programme mode. Your Smartblind will then start moving up and down. Then press the pair button on the back of the remote control to pair the blind to the selected channel. Once this pairing is established, your Smartblind stops moving for a moment. Now briefly press the programme button to switch off programme mode again. Your blind stops moving back and forth and can from now on be controlled with the remote control.


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