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System dimensions

With our (day and night) roller blinds, you have a choice of two different systems: the bracket system and the cassette system. Choose the system that suits your needs when configuring your Smartblinds.

Dimensions bracket system small

Zijsteun.             Zijsteun


Dimensions bracket system large

Zijsteun              Zijsteun


Dimensions cassette system small

Cassette klein afmetingen roller links.jpg                   Cassette       

Dimensions cassette system large

Cassette                Cassette

Fabric to system distance

The distance from the end cap of the small system to the fabric, is 12 millimetres for the non-motor side and 18 millimetres for the motor side. For our large systems, it is 12 millimetres for the non-motor side and 24 millimetres for the motor side.

Minimum and maximum dimensions

The minimum height for our roller blinds is 30 centimetres.
The maximum height is 350 centimetres.
The minimum width for our roller blinds is 66 centimetres.
The maximum width is 250 centimetres.

Large or small system

The choice of a small or large system will be limited to one choice from certain sizes onwards. This is because larger sizes will require a larger system. This is due to the optimisation of the fabric. The dimensions below show which belong to a large or small system:

< 1.70m wide and <1.75m high = small system

> 1.70m wide or <1.75m high = large system

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