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When putting together your Smartblind(s), you have a choice of two different types of motors. Namely, a MotionBlinds motor or an Eve MotionBlinds motor. Although the names do not differ much from each other, there are definitely differences in the functionalities and features of these cordless battery motors. On this page, we explain them!

MotionBlinds battery-powered motors

Do you especially value the electrical features and want your Smartblinds to move up and down electrically using the pull cord, a remote control and/or, when nearby, an app on your smartphone? Then the MotionBlinds motors meet your needs and it is best to choose 'Electric control options' while putting together your Smartblinds. This way, you avoid paying unnecessary money for revolutionary/sophisticated features that you won't use anyway.


  • Most affordable option
  • Controllable with pull cord, remote control and MotionBlinds Bluetooth app
  • Technology: bluetooth

Eve MotionBlinds battery-powered motors

Besides electrical control, do you want to take advantage of all the benefits and possibilities that smart home has to offer? Such as control with voice commands or based on sunrise and sunset? Then the Eve MotionBlinds motor is the right choice. This motor allows you to control your Smartblinds with smart home in addition to the pull cord, a remote control and an app on your smartphone. This is because the Eve MotionBlinds motors are compatible with the best-known smart home platforms and make you part of your smart home quickly and easily. While putting together your Smartblinds, choose 'Smart home control options' and get the most advanced window decoration of today into your home.


  • Advanced option
  • Controllable with pull cord, remote control, Eve app and smart home
  • Connect directly to Apple HomeKit and via the MotionBlinds Wi-Fi bridge to other platforms such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, etc.
  • Collaboration with other smart home accessories possible
  • Technology: Thread
  • Additional benefits: Matter-proof (update to Matter within a few months via the app)

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